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07/10/02 - Redesigned the Sticky Front End. CDs have been sent to WNCW, WEND, Creative Loafing Charlotte, SouthEast Performer, CD Alley (Chapel Hill)...
06/6/02 - I just got the CDs back from the duplicators. I set up a cdbaby account for it and you should be able to search for it there in a few days. I will of course provide you a direct link as soon as I have one. AT Sticky Gum, it's not the heat or humidity; IT'S THE ROCK
05/23/02 - Dropped it in the mail. The CD text layout is done. I am finishing the insert layout today. Thanks everyone!
05/07/02 - Fixed typos in bands list.
04/02/02 - Finalized bands list. Added links to bands home pages.
01/04/02 - Updated Bands; page. Please get CDs to me by 2/28/02 for SGE001.
12/20/01 - put up some stuff on the "About" page.
12/19/01 - Loaded a little content. Most is at the "Sampler" link.
12/18/01 - Launched Sticky.indiegroup site
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