you made it to StickyTown


How do I work this? Or perhaps you are asking yourself, "Why?"


Four guys, more or less clueless to how all of this works, stumble into a band together. Years go by. A few things get recorded. After deciding that just because everyone else jumped off of a cliff, their parents would be pissed if they did too.
Well, if all things stayed the same, I'd of probably been happy to plunk along like that for years. But they don't. One gets old. You start worrying if your &^%$ job is all you have to look forward to during your waking hours Monday through Friday.
So, maybe I felt like I should leave some other kind of mark. I would have to say that what accolades my band has accumulated in their short reign have been collected while standing on the favors of a lot of folks that have been very kind to us in the past.
In the interest of reinvesting in our "community" I give you, Sticky Gum Entertainment. To answer a question with a question...I'd have to say, "Why not?"