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Current Submission Info What is a Sticky Gum Entertainment Kick Your Own @ss Sampler?
  • A Compact Disk featuring a dozen or so bands from the South Eastern USA.
  • Fun Rock.
  • Lo-fi look with a High Fidelity Sound.
  • High visibility with low environmental impact.
  • Actively local but passively global.
  • Extended low-frequency response for rich, full sound
  • Okay, I stole that one from somewhere else.
I am looking for acts that are actively playing shows or are involved in the local/regional music scene. Mostly I am interested in indie-rock, but will consider all genres.
This will be a very small run (at least initially).

No, this does not indebt you to my tiny label or it to you. For your valiant effort I will give your band a few copies of the completed work. The bulk of this run will go to media contacts in print, radio, television, and Lite Brite. If I have more left over I will sell them at CDBaby. You will not get paid for this. I will be lucky not to lose my shirt, as is the case in these types promotions. If you are really keen on it, you could work out a deal with the other artists to have subsequent pressings of the CD done.
What do you get?
Good Question! You get your song placed on a CD that will be distributed to the press. This includes (but not limited to): Creative Loafing, Southeast Performer, Musicomet, The Charlotte Observer, 106.5 FM "The End", as well as receptive college radio stations throughout the South East.

SGE001 - Communists Are Just Part Time Workers
Sampler Requirements
Genres, accepted.   Genres, rejected.
  Mainly Indie-rock. Emo, Pop, Punk, hard rock, original secular music etc... If you don't see it listed send it and either it'll fly or it won't.   Hair bands, gospel/christian rock, boy-bands, racist or otherwise hate oriented "music." No covers. No samples. No major labels. (Like they would send?)
Legal Requirements Costs
  All songs must be copyrighted by the artists performing them, and the must have sole ownership of the material. I want previously unreleased music, or at least something that is significantly modified, remixed or versioned from something the artist has already released. I will ask you to affirm you are the owner of this music and that Sticky Gum can only use it for this comp and subsequent pressings of the SAME PROJECT. You will not be paid royalties from us. If you are looking to retire on a CD sampler, perhaps you should wait until BMG calls. Or at least join a PRO.   This all depends on the market costs at the time we go to manufacturing.See the Current Submission info link. Hey, I know how it is. Frocky Jack is one of earth's poorest bands. Comp CDs are not great revenue generators. As I said above, I am not doing this to make money. My costs are my time, CD Pressing, mastering, printing, packaging, postage, as well as the expenses associated with being in a band, recording, travel etc... I could go on and on about this but if you are really interested drop me a line and I'll go into more detail. I am trying to keep this page as short as possible. No costs to submit, only perhaps if you are accepted for the CD.
Submission Requirements Cooperation
  A copy of your work (mastered and not) CD audio ready. That's 16 bit/44.1 kHz sampling rate. If you don't know what that means, I will explain it to you. CDs only. No Cassettes. No DATs. No mini-disks. However, if you want to save yourself some trouble/postage and you are willing to trust your music in mp3 format, send me a link to download it. DO NOT EMAIL ME MUSIC. YOU WILL NOT GET ON THIS CD. No Real Audio. No .shn's. No WMF. If  I like it, you will have to send me a CD anyway, so I can get a good copy for the Sampler. See "Presskits" about printed material you need to send.
  If the bands would like to work out some kind of cooperative for printing more than the initial run for their own sales, or want to otherwise pool their money for advertisement I am fine with that -but don't expect it as I do not want to present this project as a pay-to-play thing. It may come to that to cover mastering, but we will see. I have been involved in two samplers like this and so far the rewards have been useful. It also would be cool if we could all swap some gigs.
Recording Stuff How's My Driving, so far?
  I know this can eat up a band's budget. If you realllllly want to get something down on disk, (and can't afford Abbey Road), talk to me about my fly-by-night special. If you have time, a place to work, and a little money (and you don't suck) I might be able to help you out. 
  Well, for a graduate of psychology I don't have the best people skills...but you've read this far. So hang in there. This could be fun. I will start posting reviews when they start showing up. And I will add a page showing where I sent stuff.
Other Bands Press kits (once you are on the CD)

All of the bands for Kick Your Own @ss #1 (Communists Are Part Time Workers) have been picked. Go to Bands link to view them or see the links to their homepages.

#2 (The Next Degeneration) is taking submissions until 10/31/2002.

  Yes. Send all of your promo stuff you feel necessary to me. Save your 8"x10" glossies. Unless you have boxes of them and want me to mail them out with the CDs. I will definitely mail out some printed promo material that I compile from what you send, your website, and my opinion. I will not however be a point of contact for your act, make phone calls, book gigs...etc. You are not "signed." We don't do that. Your best bet is to send "one page" briefs. See what I sent with the 1st CD. (Reviewer's Guide, Flyer, Contacts Spreadsheet).  
South East? Mail to/Replies Back
  Yes. I'd like to stick to acts in the South Eastern United States. For the record, let's just say East of the Mississippi river and South of the Mason-Dixon line. Of course I am subject to pleading, pretty women, and of course MONEY.

("it's South Eastern New Zealand")

  I live in the Southern Piedmont of N.C. Please just email me first at:
I will get back in touch. Send me your web address, mailing address, phone number, and anything else you think I'll need. DO NOT EMAIL ME MUSIC. It's OK if you don't understand anything else I've said. If you are not sure, ask first. 

I will NOT mail back submissions. Regardless of you being selected for this project, I will keep the physical copy. So don't send me your only one. I might lose it. 


Signal to Noise Ratio
  Good Luck and Thanks!
  Eric Cavanaugh
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