SGE Things you need to do to get on the next compilation
1 Original music. No Samples or otherwise copyrighted material. You must have sole ownership of any submissions.
2 Link to this website/comp page on your website. Don't have a website? Talk to me about getting one.
3 Put your best foot forward. Don't send me a suck track you wouldn't put on your own album.
4 Be playing shows. Preferably in the South Eastern USA. This is where I am promoting your act.
Send me complete contact information with your submission. Name, address, phone, email, website. Moving a lot? Get a PO box. Make sure all of your information (track-title-time) is on the CD. Do yourself a favor, put all that contact info on your website AS WELL.

If your material is accepted, send me (USD) $35, check or Money Order payable to:

Eric Cavanaugh PO Box 36231 Charlotte, NC 28236

7 Send unreleased material .If you've had this track sitting on the shelf, make an alternative mix, add some value.
8 Send material in the acceptable CD Audio red book standard. 16 bit /44.1khz.
9 No profanity. This will be played on the radio. If you want to swear, fine; radio edit it out or enclose a check for (USD) $8 million. I won't promote your act, but I will skip town.
Submittal Deadline for next CD is Hallowe'en (October 31st, 2002). All CDs, payments, info must be here.
Things that will definitely influence your getting on Sticky Gum Kick Your Own @ss Samplers
1 Buy the latest release. Tell your friends. Get involved. Understand what I am doing.
2 Get a show and book one of the acts that is on one of these CDs as an opener. Cooperate!
3 Be creative. Not derivative. If I don't know you, tell me something important about you.
4 If there is nothing important about you, come back when there is.
5 Be independent, not corporate. Be an activist, not a tattoo.
6 I don't like Heavy Metal. No big deal, you can do what I am doing with your friends. If you don't know how, ask me. Be prepared to do everything yourself.
7 I like secular, non-religeous music. Hate speak/racist/sexist etc... stuff will be tossed.
8 I like bands like you'd find on this page: HERE. But if you don't fit into this genre, ask me. You might be suprised how positive a curmudgeon like me might be. Solo acts are fine.
9 Join the Scurvy email list. I send out gig announcements for SGE affiliated bands playing within 100 miles of Charlotte, NC, & stuff pertaining to the label, and Frocky Jack. Not much mail whenever the CDs get a review I will send a notice with a link or the text. Good stuff for your press kit.
10 Have fun. Enjoy what you are doing. People will like you for it.